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This is the only article I have ever read on this fellow that does not mention the term: "Pre-Raphaelite". Strange. I knew you didn't know classical music but not to know Pre-Raphaelite art took me by surprise. And his poetry... the "House of Life " is very well known by lovers of both poetry and the English art song. He was also a reprobate - an orgy lover - a lover of sexual deviance - but hey, you have to pick the right cite to know that.

Or know your subject.
By the way; his sister was far more in the "Christian" mould. I can quote her too but I suppose you would insist on a cite.
Joachim; if you are going to write on a subject, know your subject!

22:28, 5 April 2013 (EDT)—The preceding unsigned comment was added by AlanE (talk)

Hi AlanE, please remember to sign your talk page comments, thanks! I will also take this opportunity also to point out that your comment was addressed to señor Martinez; yet if you look at the page history, this article was written entirely by Phy Schlafly; the daughter of Conservapedia Founder ASchlafly, it was not written by Joaquín Martinez (also please note that his name is not "Joachim" rather "Joaquín") - he merely added minor internal links, not content, so your comment is out of order. If you feel there is info lacking in the article, please feel free to add to the page yourself. Taj 00:11, 6 April 2013 (EDT)

Then my apologies go to senor Martinez. It was his style which I know very well so I assumed it was he, which was wrong of me. I therefore redirect my criticisms to Miss Schlafly. All the facts of my comments still stand. As one who has been the target of malicious attacks backed by Senor Martinez who had often referred to me as "my friend" (Ha!) I am somewhat, shall we say "delicate", on the subject of citations, which, it seems everyone else can misuse, but not me. Looking at the history of the page I see that senor Martinez (there was a time when we were on first name terms) was the last editor, hence the mistake. I also note that Markman, the penultimate editor, completely missed the fact that the article is uncited (or did but ignored it.) Funny about that. AlanE 01:05, 6 April 2013 (EDT)

I'm sad to see that there seems to be a bit of what appears to be hurt feelings present here, perhaps due to a misunderstanding of some sort, that I was unaware of, not being here as often as I'd like... rather than continue any dialogue about it here on the talk page of this article, I'd urge you to enter into a conversation about the issues directly (or perhaps privately through email) with Sr. Martinez, who seems to be a very reasonable person (and whom I think highly of, and admire his work on all the art pages) as I am sure there must be a way to resolve whatever the issues are. You've been a frequent contributor here as well, and for quite some time, I see you joined right after me in 2007 (wow - such a long time) so don't you agree that it would be good to work out whatever the issues are between you two? I hope you guys can get back on the proper footing, I think you can with a little effort, and I really do want that for you - Best Wishes, Taj 04:36, 6 April 2013 (EDT)