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Why do you consider Beckham to be overrated? I see from the posts on Association Football that the posters do not really have much knowledge of the beautiful game. Over paid, definitely, over exposed in the media for non sporting matters (his "good looks", famous wife), perhaps, but an overrated sportsman, no way. "Becks" is one of the best players England has ever produced, has perhaps the sweetest right foot and crossing/dead ball ability I have ever seen. For the period from about 1998-2005 he was, after Zidane, the best player on the planet. As for not making the 2012 GB Olympic squad. For a start he 37 years old, well past his best.Only 3 players over 23 were allowed in the squad, the GB chose Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy, both Welshmen (it was after all a GB combined team and not an exclusive England team) and Micah Richards, a much needed full back, only just over aged at 24) Also Giggs and Bellamy last season played for Manchester United and Liverpool, two of the "big boys" of World ,let alone English Football, where Beckham played for LA Galaxy, and showing the highest respect for the MLS, it is nowhere near the standard of the English Premier League, perhaps similar in equality to the English League One(third tier) Also(I hate to say this as he is a Nottingham Forest and England legend, my two supported teams), Stuart Pearce is in my opinion, not a particularly good Football Manager/Coach and most think he was wrong to leave out Beckham.

SO, Past his best? Yes, he is 37 after all(a player is considered at his peak at 27-32) Over exposed?, yep, i will go with that. But overrated?

Not a chance. not at all

By the way, I am enjoying exploring Conservapedia, I agree with much but also disagree with quite a few articles, but it's knowledge of UK culture is limited. An example of this would be "British Football", the four associations (England, Scotland,Wales, Northern Ireland) are as Separate from each other as they are from the US/German(etc) associations and to suggest otherwise would insult a follower of any of these independent National Teams.

As no-one seems to disagree with me, I will remove the overrated reference to David. Also removed the reference to spice boy, he was never considered a spice boy. The "Spice Boys" were a group of Liverpool players from the late 1990s. In fact this whole article needs re-writing. Oh dear, he is not the worlds richest footballer, Lionel Messi for one is worth more than Beckham, as is Cristiano Ronaldo, please get your facts right.