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To all Conservapedia readers!!

Read all of these articles and ask yourselves. Is this truly a place to seek knowledge. I have a problem with this website as a place to seek information. While an attempt to appear objective is made, you have to read every article and ask yourselves, Can a website whose logo features the American flag be considered objective.

Perhaps that is not the point for this website (per the commandments). But in sharing information, we must make an attempt to establish what is fact and what is biased political discussion (either from the left or right).

A discussion on Evolution should not try to disprove or approve of the topic. It should merely list the facts (major influencers, findings, problems, etc). It should not attempt to disprove the topic.

Listing facts is hard enough. We live in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish myth from fact. I ask that the readers in this website keep in mind bias in any publication. Always ask, who published it and what are their intentions.