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We baptise just as a way of telling the world that we were washed by Jesus. Thats all there is too it. If you're not baptised, all that means is that you didn't tell the people much; your gonna have to square that one away with God after Judgement Day.

Then why do most baptisms take place in churches? If you're doing something for the benefit of the World, you should do it somewhere they can see it. Maybe public pools, or convenient bodies of water?--All Fish Welcome 22:43, 22 April 2007 (EDT)
Last time I check, the man who baptized me wasn't Jesus.--Elamdri 23:36, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

As a member of the Calvary Chapel churches founded by Chuck Smith I have come to learn that baptisms are acts of obedience to our heavenly father. They are publicly held because the those being baptised wish to express an invitation and receipt of Christ's Holy Spirit in the company of witnesses. Now there are understandable debates on whether the sprinking of water or the whole body immersion are the correct manner. In the Calvary Chapel of churches whole body immersion in a local waterway is practiced simply because that was the way it was done in the New Testament. But as I said before it isn't considered THE, ONE AND ONLY, correct manner. The overriding important thing for christians to remember is that the act itself (by whatever means) is a outward expression of an inward, heartfelt invitation of obedience and to accept the Holy Spirit to govern our daily lives. Paradrafter