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Catholic Bias of NO

JosephG and Ultimahero, I am offended by your description of Catholics as completely contra-Biblical or un-Biblical. Obviously, the bible doesn't say pray to Mary. The Catholics do not worship Mary, they love Mary, there is a difference. Catholics righfully recognize the special purpose of Jesus's Mother. Jesus was born of a virgin. Only one woman chosen from all women who had that distinction. Without Mary, there isn't a savior born. The Ave that counters the fallen Eve. Birth of the new Adam that counters the fallen Adam. Mary serves an important part in Catholicism. Also, Catholics do not say works give you salvation, just not true. You can study theology, become a priest, serve the people your entire life and Not get into Heaven. If your heart is not of Jesus, you may not have salvation. One other thing, again Catholics don't believe a soul is doomed to Hell if he she believes otherwise. Honestly, your Catholic bias shows. The Catholic Church believes e.g. you live in the jungle your whole life. You are secluded from the name and knowledge of Jesus. You die and meet the Savior. Catholics believe this person can enter Heaven.--jp 12:22, 5 July 2008 (EDT)