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! This article or part thereof was copied from CreationWiki but the copied text was originally written by me, Latent, (under the name Latent) and does not include alterations made by others on that site. Conservlogo.png

Greetings Terry,

I tried to send the following using your e-mail link, but it didn’t work with our email system. I checked and Conservapedia does have my correct e-mail in my “Preferences”, so you could respond using that if you have access to it. I then posted it on my User page (Latent) on January 30, but it didn't seem to get noticed there, so I'm re-posting it here.

This is regarding the duplication whereby we have an “Edwin Thiele” page (ET in what follows) in Conservapedia and also an “Edwin R. Thiele” page there (ERT in what follows). I would like to combine the best of the two pages, as follows.

  1. Heading—entirely from ET.
  2. Photo—as in ET.
  3. “Biography” (ET) vs. “Life” (ERT); call it “Biography,” and use entirely from ET.
  4. “Curriculum Vitae”—this is the same in both pages.
  5. The main sections are “Thiele’s chronology” in ET vs. “Dr. Thiele’s major thesis” in ERT. For now it looks best to use entirely the ERT section, but relabeled to “Thiele’s chronology”, the ET title.
  6. After this major section, include the section “Successes of Thiele’s chronology in correcting secular chronology,” from ET. This section is needed because of the repeated misinformation about Thiele propagated by some of the Ussher camp.
  7. “Thiele’s reception in the scholarly community”—enter as in ERT.
  8. “Major publications”—as in ET.
  9. “External links”—as in ERT.

I’m willing to do this work but I’d like your advice first. Should it all be done in the “Edwin R. Thiele” page? If so, does Conservapedia have the re-direct feature, as in Wikipedia, so that in the future anyone who searches for “Edwin Thiele” will get redirected to “Edwin R. Thiele”? User:Latent 10:28 AM CDT, February 1, 2018.