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Dual-user provenance

This article is a dual submission of original work. I am the same user as Temlakos on CreationWiki, and this article is based upon this version of the CreationWiki article, which is entirely my own work.

Archaeological Evidence

Some issues with this part of the entry I'd like to raise:

"Egyptian history is of little to no help in substantiating the Exodus, much less dating it. The reason is that, to an Egyptian, history was not an objective inquiry into past events, but rather was a medium of propaganda. The willful destruction or defacement by succeeding Pharaohs of the monuments, stelae, and other records of his predecessors is a common theme in Egyptology"

Doesn't address lack of archaeological evidence, i.e. workers accommodation, tools, huge and sudden increase in population, economic restructuring etc. Also administrative papyri?

In 2003, amateur diver Peter Elmer discovered coral-encrusted chariot wheels and other chariot parts submerged in the Gulf of Aqaba, the eastern offshoot of the great body of water called the Red Sea today.[20] This is not, however, conclusive.

Suggest rephrase. This suggests the evidence is solid but not conclusive. This find however is far from archaeologically sound and has not been published in any major archaeological journal, not has any evidence or further follow up work been presented. The SCA, meanwhile, has been not, as an institution, confirmed anything about this find.

The revised chronology of David Down and John Ashton[1] strongly suggests that the beginning of the Intermediate Period is the best time for the Exodus.

WHICH intermediate period? This could really use expansion, discussing the research and reasoning behind the "new chronology"