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I have been fond of explaining the HUP for years to laypeople (well, I'm a layperson, but I took a lot of physics in college, in the late 1880's), that not only don't "we" know the v and p at the same time - God doesn't know. It is information that cannot coexist. Although, of course to be fair, He knows the GUT, since He made it up, and who knows if we will ever figure it out? Human 21:01, 13 April 2007 (EDT)

God's creation

I am removing this line:

Since according to the Heisenberg Principle there are quantities that cannot be scientifically measured, science can only hope to give us a limited understanding of God's creation.

for the following reason. As far as I understand it, and indeed as far as an earlier line in the article states, it's not that these quantities are there but can't be measured, they simply don't exist at the same time to be measured. While there may be plenty of other things in the universe that do exist but can't be measured therefore limiting our understanding of Creation, this isn't an example of that.

If other editors have a better understanding of this principle, particularly measuring a wave-particle's position and momentum, and do believe that it limits our understanding of the universe, then the article as it stands should be changed so that the apparent contradiction is removed. Either accept my removal of this line or change the earlier text that contradicts it. Thanks. Ajkgordon 10:14, 9 January 2008 (EST)