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Some spelling and factual changes need to be made to this page, but it is blocked from editing. 1. Victoria is no longer ever referred to by people in Hong Kong. The area is now known as Central 2. Tsuen Wan (correct spelling) 3. Property prices in central Hong Kong. Unless you are referring to Central District, there is no concept of "central Hong Kong. Suggested change: Property prices in Hong Kong's Central District 4. As Hong Kong uses international English spelling rather than the US version, Harbor and Center should be changed to Harbour and Centre 5. Previous to 1997; change to Before 1997 (style) 6. but the New Territories had only been leased in 1898 for 99 years in an agreement with the Qing government (using the "preferred nation status" of the British empire at the time). In the late 1970's and early 1980's, the United Kingdom approached China as to the return of their reversion to China. The Chinese government were adamant that the whole of Hong Kong should be returned to China and not just the New Territories. Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister at the time wanted to hold out for continued British rule in some form, but without success. Realising that the remaining possessions lacked a viable water supply, and without Chinese acquiescence their continued retention by the United Kingdom would have become impractical, she relented and agreed to the Chinese proposal of "one country, two systems" under which Hong Kong's freedoms and way of life would be guaranteed for fifty years following the territory's return in 1997. The two countries signed a treaty known as the Sino-British Joint Declaration to that effect and Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of China with a Basic Law giving effect to those promises on 1 July 1997. --

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