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Herbert Hoover and Keynesian economics

This article states that it was Herbert Hoover's use of Keynesian economics that caused the Great Depression, but according to the article in this encyclopedia about Herbert Hoover, he did everything he could to stop the depression. Which article is correct? --Dfrischknecht 13:59, 16 September 2010 (EDT)

Neither. Herbert Hoover implemented some programs to stop the Great Depression, but most of them were extremely ineffective and all of them were liberal- for example, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act is one of the reasons the Great Depression lasted as long is it did and nearly destroyed the US manufacturing base (due to retaliatory tariffs). However, it was FDR who implemented Keynsian ideas, not Hoover, and they were nearly as bad as Hoover's programs; however, the start of WWII brought America out of the Great Depression. I'll change the article appropriately.--WillS 00:25, 24 September 2010 (EDT)

Unnecessary page?

I'm a bit curious as to the relevance and accuracy of this article. Based on this video, the sign shown in image was created as a stunt to draw donations to area shelters (it has since been replaced with a politically neutral sign). Additionally, I can't find any evidence of a recent surge in homelessness. While homelessness is up, it is still lower than it was in the first half of the last decade. Finally, there seems to be little in this article about the alleged "Obamavilles" - most of it is information already present in other articles on the site. As a result, this entire article seems wholly unnecessary, like it could be effortlessly merged into another page. --DrewJ 15:14, 23 September 2010 (EDT)

What about the Census Bureau's recent report on poverty, 4 million added Obama's first year. And the business about this sign being a stunt, I personally interviewed one of the guys that paid 1/3rd the cost to have it made. Guess what, he's a homeles unemployed veteran who voted for Obama with no connection to fundraising for shelters. These were homeless people looking for work who posted the sign outside a homeless camp. Rob Smith 15:30, 23 September 2010 (EDT)