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RJJensen 09:12, 30 November 2008 (EST)

Cromwell much maligned by Tories and tyrants

I reject the label "fascist" applied to Cromwell on this page. I do regard Cromwell as a Republican and credit him for standing by his army that the Parliament was out to royally screw. There is a very powerful pro Tory movement that like do champion everything British and especially everything Tory and love to besmirch the Whig tradition. These Tory hypocrites on one hand reject liberalism (whig tradition) because of its rejection of tradition and religion; yet in the same breath champion the Cavaliers, who if anything, were entirely corrupt, impure followers of the London theatre scene of the time. The Levellers were hardly virtuous either and were tyrants, or even anarchists. But back to the Tories, the Tories of today reject American exceptionalism, stand by the loyalist tradition, and over react about one single act of regicide. That single act of regicide is paled in comparison to the all out slaughter that occured in France during their revolution. I'm not saying Cromwell was perfect, but his legacy makes a lot more sense than the head shaking decision of Englishmen to once again embrace monarchism under Charles II.