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I have doubts about the use of the word "theocracy" here. I suppose technically it was a Sultanate. Certainly it considered itself no more divinely guided than any other nation, Christian or Muslim, in that age. Its tolerance of the other religions within its borders was far greater than your average Christian nation before the Age of Enlightenment. The Jews thrown out of Spain in 1492 by Isobel of Castile resettled in the Ottoman-ruled Holy Land. AlanE 17:32, 17 May 2007 (EDT)

If I may add some other thoughts: Traditionally in Islam, and in fact in large part until our modern day - and even in our modern day, the separation of religion and government is often hard to distinguish. And, for the first couple hundred years of its existence, war and expansion seemed to be almost exclusively against Christian lands. While it is true they were tolerant (by the standards of the time), they also had no trouble in removing symbols of other religions as the people were absorbed. (Think of the great church at Constantinople). These are just thoughts. They are not, of course, the final word... By the way, I thought most of the Jews settled with the Moors. And, from what I studied, the decision to allow them in was more than tolerance. They were generally highly skilled and had already been working closely with the Islamic government of Spain before its downfall. Learn together 18:04, 17 May 2007 (EDT) are right. But boatloads of them did settle in the Holy Land. I have a problem here...I know stuff - lots of stuff - but half the time I can't remember where I read it - it could be up to fifty years if someone gives me info that indicates no return to the Holy Land then I am happy to accept that. But I do know that the Moorish lands along the Mediterranean coast were conquered by Seuliman (or however he is spelt) within 30 or so years of their expulsion from Spain. My point was they were accepted into the Ottoman empire.

Certainly they took over Christian lands....the Byzantine Empire, the Balkans and attempts at Austria. But at the same time they conquered all the prior Islamic lands of the middle east and north Africa. I think they even conquered Yemen! Sorry getting long winded here. AlanE 21:57, 17 May 2007 (EDT)