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List of viewpoints

  1. the Biblical condemnation of homosexuality as sin is 'merely a claim' rather than 'objective truth'.
    • The Bible's stance on homosexuality isn't a very clear one
      • the Old Testament considers it an abomination
        • The New Testament has very little to say about homosexuality.
        • Jesus said nothing about homosexuality.
  2. We need to keep the Ten Commandments, as they help live a Christ-like life
    • The Ten Commandments say nothing about homosexuality.
    • What about Jesus' commandment to love your neighbor as you love yourself?
  3. Old Testament prohibitions can be ignored, because
    1. it says quite a few things are abominations or illegal that we consider okay today.
    2. the old testament is somewhat irrelevant to Christianity
    3. only the New Testament really matters.
  4. marriage is a right
  5. homosexuals should have 'equal rights'
  6. same-sex "marriage" is simply a matter of giving equal rights to gays
  7. Very few homosexuals want to "marry" each other
    • "very few want to marry each other" is a lie
    • I want to marry another man.
  8. the immediate intent of same-sex "marriage" agitation is to remove the stigma of being called a "fornicator"
    • There are many reasons for fighting for gay marriage. There are over 1,000 rights that married heterosexual couples have, all of which are denied to same-sex couples because they can't legally marry.
  9. Same-sex "marriage" adopts the form of marriage for the supposed purpose of destroying the sanctity of marriage and justifying homosexuality.
    • You are all right in saying the institution of marriage is falling apart. But, instead of actually trying to look at the problem and say, "Hm, what can we do better?", you all would rather blame it on a minority population because that's what is easy. Divorce rates are up to 50% or higher nowadays. Why is this? Not because of gay marriage, you idiots. It's a complete lack of respect for the institution of marriage.
  10. Nothing from the Old Testament is nullified unless it is nullified explicitly in the New Testament
  11. The New Testament is hostile to homosexuality.
    • Oh really, where?
    1. The Bible is clear on this
  12. Jewish religious law condemns the practice of male homosexual acts.
  13. giving 'equal legal rights' to male couples has no effect on the spiritual condition of couples bound by the Christian sacrament of holy matrimony
    • Exactly!

Well there is also the viewpoint that, even if gay marriage is wrong in the eyes of God, Christians are instructed to "let him who is without sin cast the first stone" and more importantly "render unto Caesar (i.e. the government) that which is Caesar's (i.e. the provision of government-made rights)" -- Jesus didn't say "go ahead and stone the bitch", he prevented the old law from being carried out, and then used his witness alone to persuade the sinner, saying "go forth and sin no more".... he didn't say that she hadn't sinned, but demonstrated that the Christian course of action is not to have the law prevent people from sinning -- if the government (i.e. Caesar) wants to let gays be "married" and give them tax breaks and hospital visitation and such, that doesn't involve the Church, which ought not be tainted by the corruption that is all politics, anyway.... the Christian course of action is to tell the sinners of their sin, and if they refuse to hear, trust God to deal with it.... trying to get the government to interfere one way or the other is the same as denying God.... Pandeism 22:50, 7 April 2009 (EDT)

In this belated reply, I'd like to point out that marriage is more of a responsibility than a "right". It's something which society encourages because it is an institution which promotes social stability by protecting women and children.
I've also written an essay just know on the Mysterious male-female relationship. --Ed Poor Talk 08:19, 18 December 2009 (EST)