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Is it fair to deny the power of sexual healing solely on the testimony of one Psychoologist. I mean, think about it, if a single scientist says that kittens melt in water, is he right?

Considering that Lacan was
  1. not an orthodox psychologist, but a psychoanalyst who sought to "return" to the discredited theories of Freud,
  2. so extreme in his intellectual positions that even Noam Chomsky called him a "conscious charlatan," and
  3. very much a liberal, as his page on Conservapedia will tell you,
we are rather in need of another citation. Lacan's view, in my opinion, is an outgrowth of earlier atheistic existentialist beliefs, which were popular in France a few years before Lacan came to prominence. Existentialism says, according to one interpretation, that "life is meaningless." Lacan is justifying this position by combining the psychoanalytic belief that "sex is all there is" with :the belief that "and even sex can't heal you," to produce a pretty negative conclusion.
I will have a look through the literature for a quote from a psychologist (and there are quite a few, I believe), whose disbelief in sexual healing has a better foundation.

--Tenthweb 15:51, 24 August 2008 (EDT)