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Slant of article

This article is written from the point of view (or to support the point of view) that humans are animals, i.e., that humans and animals are basically the same. Note that this contradicts the point of view of most Christians, that people are better than animals - being a special creation of God.

We need to remove this slant here, as well as in other places mentioning animals and humans. Wikipedia consistently uses phrases like as "humans and other animals" or the term "non-human animals" instead of reflecting normal (i.e., pro-Christian) usage. --Ed Poor Talk 08:30, 22 February 2013 (EST)

I made some minor changes; do you think this is better? DanAP 08:46, 22 February 2013 (EST)
Yes, thank you very much! --Ed Poor Talk 08:49, 22 February 2013 (EST)
No problem; glad to help. Do you have any suggestions for other areas where similar improvements can be made? DanAP 08:51, 22 February 2013 (EST)
You've already visited positive number and talk:Integer. I'll keep you in mind if anything else comes up, or you can just check my contribs. :-) --Ed Poor Talk 09:10, 22 February 2013 (EST)
OK, will do.  :) DanAP 09:12, 22 February 2013 (EST)