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Another wiki-based encyclopedia, where I in fact used to work as a consultant, contains information which contradicts the views in this article.

  • A careless reading of The Prince could easily lead one to believe that its central argument is that "the ends justify the means"; that any evil action can be justified if it is done for a good purpose. Machiavelli, however, limited the circumstances under which an evil action could be justified. First, he specified that the only acceptable end was the stabilization and health of the state; individual power for its own sake was not an acceptable end and did not justify evil actions. Second, Machiavelli did not dispense entirely with morality nor advocate wholesale selfishness or degeneracy. [1]

In light of the debacle of the Machiavellian article - which is even more distorted than the current article on The Prince - I think we should take a closer look. --Ed Poor Talk 11:15, 16 May 2008 (EDT)