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Kirstin homework 9

1. I probably could've prepared myself better.

2. There was so much religious criticism and prosecution in England, that war broke out and most of England fled to America

3. The French revolution was the most famous war in World history, and it became famous in both good and bad ways. The French revolution bought a declaration to France which is good but bad as well. For example, the declaration had some that didn"t make much sense. So i think the revolution was both good and bad.

H4. Congress of Vienna- The main reasons for the congress of Vienna was to prevent war and aggression in France in the future, Peace in europe and Ligitimacy. Austria, Prussia, Great Britian, Russia, and France all convened in Vienna to hold the congress of Vienna.

H2. What i think in Interesting about Napoleans empire is that he did so much good, but also bad. He signed treaties with his enemies, helped better France with creating public school systems, creating successful laws,helped better financing with the national banks and reforming taxation. But he also ban slavery from the french carribean (which is bad and good depending on your beliefs) not treating women equally with men, and no freedom if speech and the press. I just think its interesting how a man, like himself, could do both good and bad and not get critisized from it.