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Tarek Aziz (Mijaíl Yuhana) (b. Tel Keppe near Mosul, 1936) was the Foreign Minister (1983 – 1991) and Deputy Prime Minister (1979 – 2003) of Iraq during the government of Saddam Hussein and worked as a diplomat. Aziz is a Christian. In 1957, he incorporated to the Baath party. Aziz studied English in the University of Baghdad. Tarek Aziz turned himself in to American forces in April 2003; at present he is in a prison in Camp Cropper in Baghdad.

Iraq’s special criminal court on Monday (March 2, 2009) acquitted Tariq Aziz, the man who once served as the urbane, cigar-smoking public face of Saddam Hussein’s rule, in the first of three cases against him, delivering the most significant not guilty verdict in the prosecutions for crimes against humanity that occurred before the American invasion in 2003. [1]

Aziz means Glorious Past, in Arab.

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