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In gambling, a teaser is type of bet that allows the spread to be adjusted in which ever direction desired, but with the consequence of having to choose at least two contests and having to win both for monetary return. For example, a 2 Team 7 Point Teaser would consist of two spreads that can be swayed by 7 points each. Say the lines sit at Florida +7 @ Ohio State and Kentucky -20 @ Florida International. They could be adjusted in the following ways: Florida +14, OSU pk, Kentucky -13, and FIU +27. The added risk is having to win both games to cash the wager and the chalk is anywhere between -140 and -150 for this specific 2 Team 7 Point Teaser. A sports bettor may chose from many types of teasers i.e. 12 Team 4.5 Point, 4 Team 14 Point, and 10 Team 10 Point Teasers.