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Type of dog {{{type}}}
Land of origin {{{origin}}}
Date first bred {{{date}}}
First recorded breeder {{{breeder}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Life span {{{span}}}
Other names {{{names}}}
Recognition {{{recognition}}}

This template is for articles on individual domestic dog breeds; they are not to be used for wild dog species. Copy and paste the code below in the image page.

  • "type" is the grouping of the dog (working dog, toy dog, hound, etc), as well as the dog's use (herder, guard, sled, etc)
  • "origin" is the country or land where the dog originated.
  • "date" is the approximate known date the dog was first bred.
  • "breeder" is the person who first bred it.
  • "names" are the other common names by which the dog is known.
  • "recognition" are the various kennel clubs which have formally-recognized the breed.

Please do not make major changes to the tag without proposing and discussing it on the talk page first.

{{Dog breed
| image       =
| name        =
| type        =
| origin      =
| date        =
| breeder     =
| height      =
| weight      =
| span        =
| names       =
| recognition =