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The Daily Caller, also known as The DC, is a conservative news website co-founded by journalist and media personality Tucker Carlson. Formed in 2010, they gained nationwide prominence with the JournoList story. Their website is filled with clickbait type advertising and plenty of scantily clad pinup women pics. That aside, they offer a fair amount of breaking news, real journalism that the liberal media ignores.

In 2012, reporter Neil Munro of The Daily Caller hurled a question at Barack Obama after his amnesty speech in the Rose Garden. As Obama started walking away without taking questions, Munroe yelled, "Why'd you favor foreigners over Americans?". Obama turned around and said, “Excuse me, sir. It’s not time for questions." The palace guards (liberals media) had a fit that he would dare to challenge their beloved leader and framed the question as interrupting Obama.

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