The Goonies

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The Goonies
Directed by Richard Donner
Produced by Harvey Bernhard
Richard Donner
Written by Chris Columbus
Starring Sean Astin
Josh Brolin
Corey Feldman
Kerri Green
Music by Dave Grusin
Cinematography Nick McLean
Editing by Michael Kahn
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) 1985
Running time 114 min.
Country USA
Language English

'The Goonies is a 1985 family film directed by Richard Donner and its story was created by Steven Spielberg. It stars Sean Astin and Josh Brolin.

It is about a group of young friends in Oregon who set out to find a long-lost Spanish pirate ship and a hidden treasure after finding a treasure map in an attic. The film has many conservative values, such as promoting capitalism, Chivalry, and clearly the India Jones persona. Capitalism is shown as the Goonies are trying to compete to avoid foreclosure of their homes. Chivalry is shown, as one of the Goonies, shows a lot of respect for his love interest Andy, and jumps in the water to save her from drowning. Also, a minor antagonist; Troy, who does not have chivalry, such as he was tilting the car mirror to look down Andy's shirt is shown in negative light.