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The International Association For Creation (The IAC) is the world's leading professional association dedicated to advancing the collaborative efforts of creation science ministries and providing resources in local communities that help Christians grow in their understanding of the Biblical Worldview. The ministry focuses on providing support to its members and the community through various departments and subsidiaries.

The IAC's support offices are based in the United States of America, serving members on six continents, with over forty creation science museums in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and South Africa.


The International Association For Creation began in 2012 as a prayer gathering of like-minded Christians, since then they have had hundreds of professionals and organizations come to them asking for prayer and desiring for them to begin an Association where the community could all labor together in unity for the glory of Jesus Christ to proclaim the Gospel, to transform the culture, to advance the truth of God's Word, and to promote creation science.

Therefore, after a number of years planning and organizing, in 2016 they have decided to form The International Association For Creation, Inc. to help facilitate these goals around the globe alongside their members.

The IAC has a global reach, serving its members, the creation science community, and the public by promoting the use of creation science resources. The IAC is an international association of creation science professionals and organizations, representing millions of employees, guests, volunteers, listeners, viewers, and readers. The Association exists to represent creation professionals and organizations to the Christian community-at-large as well as the general public.


The International Association For Creation is made up of several departments which are tasked with membership, missions, and broadcast.

Member Services

The IAC's Member Services oversees daily member affairs, accreditation, consulting, member benefits, coordinating national events, procuring resources, and administrating the IAC Foundation which comprises three different programs:

  1. Creation Research & Investment Fund: The CRIF supports organizations that a) build infrastructure in underserved locations, b) enhance existing infrastructure, c) expand current infrastructure to better serve communities, or d) undertake research projects.
  2. Creation Education Scholarship: The scholarship exists to provide monetary assistance to students who have a vested interest in the creation science community by providing funding for creation science-related courses at Christian universities.
  3. "Meet A Scientist" Initiative: The initiative exists to provide terminally-ill Christians with life-inspiring memories. Many Christians will soon be going home to eternity due to a life-changing circumstance, we want to help them and their families focus on the goodness fo the Lord by providing them and a loved one an all-expenses paid trip to their local museum and lunch with one of the museum's resident scientists.

Missions Board

The IAC's Missions Board currently operates three different programs:

  1. Creation Discovery DIY Program: Creation Discovery DIY helps businesses, churches, individuals, and ministries obtain the necessary resources to establish a presence in their community that can help the public better understand the Biblical Worldview through various displays and exhibits. We are connecting creation and the cross. Our program is a turn-key outreach solution to help you start your own Creation Discovery Center in your community. Our team can help with everything from business development to ministry logistics.
  1. MOVE Project: The My Origins Verified Everywhere (MOVE) Project has been established to help train up committed Christians to be Creation Missionaries in their communities. The MOVE Project trains and sends people to secular aquariums, museums, national parks, and zoos in their community to give creation tours, offer creation presentations at local venues, and train others to do the same. MOVE Creation Missionaries also serve as representatives of the creation community at public events and places in their community, as well as a point of contact for local churches and organizations regarding the various creation resources available in the area.
  1. IAC Covering Services: As a Creation Missionary you may qualify for covering services offered through our Missions Board, as part of The International Association For Creation.

Broadcast Group

The IAC's Broadcast Group provides training and support for members who desire to enter into the production and presentation of high-quality Christian content for broadcast purposes. Additionally, the Broadcast Group's dedicated, talented, and seasoned professionals work together to engage in reporting on creation news through the News Services Division and train up more Creation Correspondents around the globe.


The International Association For Creation manages various subsidiaries that are wholly-owned and operated, or joint venture partnerships, which focus on outreach, public awareness, advocacy, and community impact.

Creation Certified

Creation Certified is how we help the creation community build trust with the public, gain access to great benefits, and share Christ with confidence through our certification, and accreditation program.

The Creation Trail

The Creation Trail is an adventure program for individuals, families, churches, and the Christian community. The program is managed by The IAC and operates through the cooperation of participating museums and ministries in where users can earn stamps for visiting as well as badges for completing learning objectives in addition to points for attending events and participating in volunteer activities. Christian businesses are invited to join The Creation Trail's Corporate Social Responsibility Program which gives employees access to various activities, events, and programs on The Creation Trail as well as enables companies to give back to their community. The Creation Trail's Connected Church Program assists church leadership teams in networking with like-minded churches and be equipped with resources that will help engage congregations in the Biblical Worldview.

The Creation Action Team

The Creation Action Team is the advocacy group and legal defense fund representing The IAC and it's members' interests by providing a collective voice that supports the rights of professionals in their field of work and ministries in their sphere of influence.

Creation Orlando

Creation Orlando ​is the community impact program of The IAC, where they give back directly to their hometown of Orlando, Florida.

They began a museum-distributed concept which serves multiple regions across Central Florida, from coast-to-coast. They are also working to provide mobile resources for the education and training of Christians across the State of Florida and beyond.


The International Association For Creation is currently working on three projects:

IAC University System

The IAC University System is a project spearheaded by The International Association For Creation to better connect, equip, and unify Christian universities who believe in and teach on the Biblical Worldview.

IAC Ambassador Program

The IAC Ambassador Program is a project started to help Christian leaders share the vision of The International Association For Creation and partner to bring creation to the next level for the glory of God.

IAC Speakers Bureau

The IAC Speakers Bureau is a project that began by The International Association For Creation's directors and staff who desired to bring dynamic and unique talks to their community.


The International Association For Creation relies on the support of others. Anyone interested in supporting IAC is encouraged to visit,

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