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Proposal For Merge

As I have for the Inheritance Cycle and Harry Potter series, I propose a merge of articles relating to Lord of the Rings in order to condense information and reduce the amount of relatively trivial fancraft on this encyclopedia. What I propose is three articles to incorporate a number of others:

Characters in Lord of the Rings

Incorporating the following articles:

It is advised that this article be broken up into Main Characters, Secondary Characters and Minor Characters. If the article gets too large it can be broken down into Main Characters in Lord of the Rings and so on. I am aware that at the moment several of the above articles are quite large, however often this is because they contain information relating to plot, and this is better covered in the summary of each book rather than being duplicated in a number of character articles.

Settings and Cultures in Lord of the Rings

Relating to places visited or mentioned, different races and species (and their cultural practices), different sects, different kingdoms, different languages and so on. At present articles which need to be added are:


Races and Species

Groups and Sects


Objects in Lord of the Rings



These blanket articles will reduce the amount of trivia and plot duplication on CP, make information relating to LOtR more accessible to users and help to provide a framework to foster further development of these articles (the current List of Lord of the Rings-related articles is obviously not working). What will be needed for this to work is a complete redo of the plot summaries of each of the books and careful integration of the above articles to ensure that no information is lost. Feel free to discuss these proposed merges on the talk page. TheGySom 22:23, 29 March 2008 (EDT)

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