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The Purpose of Life

It is said that everything has a purpose. For instance, the purpose of time is simple: it's so that everything can not happen all at once.

Life, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. The Purpose of all Life is to reproduce. For without reproduction, there is extinction. That sounds simple; however, there is more to it for mankind. Reproduction starts when we are born. It is at birth that we start to learn and feel unconditional love. Reproducing is not just creating, bearing, adopting or fostering children, it's rearing our children in our own likeness. To get along with each other no matter the color of skin, the religious beliefs, their gender, or social status. It is important to know that you can raise a garden, a flag, or your hand, however, children are to be reared, not raised.

Teach our children to be truthful because the Root of all Evil is Deceit. The greatest compliment a person can receive is to have a friend or acquaintance tell them that the child they have reared, is a good person and a pleasure to be around. For it is not the occupation they choose in life, but the way they live with and love their family and friends. Therefore, if you and GOD rear your children the way GOD and your parents have reared you, then you have truly reproduced.