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Thomas A, Bailey (1902–1983) was a longtime professor of American history at Stanford University. He wrote many historical monographs on diplomatic history, especially regarding World War I and the Versailles Treaty. He wrote the widely used American history textbook, The American Pageant. It has appeared in many editions since 1956, and in recent years David Kennedy has been the main author. Bailey was known for his clear writing and witty style.

Bailey taught American history for nearly 40 years at Stanford University, and also served as a visiting professor at Harvard, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and other institutions. In 1968, he was elected to the presidency of the Organization of American Historians.

Books by Bailey

  • The American Pageant, 12+ editions
    • with others. The Brief American Pageant A History of the Republic: Volume II: Since 1865 (2003) excerpt and text srearch
  • A Diplomatic History of the American People (10 editions)
  • "The Sinking of the Lusitania." The American Historical Review, Vol. 41, No. 1 (Oct., 1935), pp. 54–73 in JSTOR
  • The Man in the Street: The Impact of American Public Opinion on Foreign Policy (1948) online edition
  • Woodrow Wilson and the Lost Peace (1947) on Versailles 1919 online edition
  • Woodrow Wilson and the Great Betrayal (1947) on Versailles Treaty in US 1919-20
  • Wilson and the Peacemakers Combining Woodrow Wilson and the Lost Peace (1944) and Woodrow Wilson and the Great Betrayal (1944) online edition
  • America Faces Russia: Russian-American Relations from Early Times to Our Day (1950) online edition
  • coauthored with Paul B. Ryan. Hitler Versus Roosevelt: The Undeclared Naval War (1975)