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Tofu(Jp & Ch. 豆腐 toufu, Ch. doufu, Kor. 두부, Fr. tofou) is a common Asian foodstuff comprised of processed soybean curd. Tofu, which originates in China, is created by adding a coagulating agent, such as calcium sulfate (gypsum salt), to soymilk and then cutting the resulting mass into blocks. Different levels of firmness can be achieved by changing the level and type of coagulant; the firmest varieties are obtained pressing the tofu between stone or metal plates.

Because of its high protein content and relatively low fat content, tofu is often used by vegetarians and "health-conscious" individuals as a meat substitute. In American culture, it is commonly associated with the New age movement, but in its native Asia this stigma is not attached, being only second in popularity to rice.

Tofu is also high in isoflavones, chemicals with similar structure and properties as the female hormone estrogen. This has led to fears of possible feminizing effects of tofu and other soy products.[1] Other concerns are that tofu may promote dementia.[2]


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