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For many years I have been at odds with the problem of the observance of Sunday as the Sabbath, instead of the true day of the Sabbath as being Saturday, as God had intended. I have done quite a bit of searching in order to find the answer.

We read in the Old Testament, during the first story of creation that God set aside the last day to the week, that being Saturday, for mankind to rest, as did God, and to remember to keep this day holy. There are 613 commandants in the Old Testament, and of those, 10 were written on stone tablets. One of the 10 Commandments written on those Stone Tablets was the commandment that God gave the people of Israel to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

What is a Christian or who is a Christian? This is a question I, and as well also so have you, have heard time and time again. I have heard many answers that sound very convincing, however never quite satisfy the whole truth. Here are the cold hard facts:

  1. Jesus was a Jew, born, reared, taught, preached, and died a Jew.
  2. Jesus, at no time, ever said or mentioned the word Christian, which as best that we know, wasn't invented until some 150-200 years after his death.
  3. Jesus never appeared to want to start up a new religion. Instead Jesus wanted to clean-up the corruption that was destroying the Jewish Religion.
  4. Even today we still use the Jewish “Torah”, however we call it our Old Testament. It is a part of our religion beliefs.
  5. The "official" changing of the Holy Day of worship from Saturday to Sunday took place at the Council of Laodicea in 363-365 AD by Catholic Bishops at the time. At no time, was it ever mentioned, that God, or Jesus, were present at this Council, nor did they send any Angels to speak on their behalf. And to the best of my knowledge, the writing of the 4th commandment is still written on that Stone Tablet. It’s also important to note that Jesus named Peter to be the one that would build the church in the name of Jesus Christ, however Jesus appointed James "the Just", Jesus’ brother to be the one to take over the leadership of the Disciples, not Peter.
  6. The church that was born and built in Rome was not under the control of James, and therefore it appears that the new, soon to be called Christians, may have lost their way. Most of this was because of the persecution of the Jews by the Romans. In order to survive there was a decision to join the Pagans and start worshiping on Sunday in order to stop the persecution by the Romans. This is also about the time that these Jews picked up the nickname Christian. After the fall of Rome, this should have been the time when Christians went back to worshiping on the Sabbath. Why this action did not take place, is not known by me. I believe that during the Council of Laodicea, that the Catholic Bishops could have returned the Holy day of Worship, back to Saturday, instead they kept it on Sunday and said they did so because "that is the day that our Lord Jesus Christ arose from the grave and therefore from that day forward it shall be called The Lord's day". It was Jesus that said that He had spent 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb, therefore, if Jesus was buried on Good Friday, as most Christians believe, then He would not have risen until Monday morning.

To answer the question "who is a Christian", is simple. A Christian is a Jew that believes in Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior.

Now, how do we get ourselves back in the good grace of God? Start by acknowledging that the Sabbath is still on Saturday, and respect that. Strive to make the Sabbath a day of Worship, rest and relaxation. If you decide to go to Church on Sunday and worship on Sunday as well, that is perfectly OK and acceptable, just as long as you keep the day of the Sabbath as Saturday.

For a while there will be people that will still need to work on Saturday, and for those of you, you can still worship before you go to work or when you return home, please continue to ask God to forgive you for working on the Sabbath. There will be many people that still will be required to work on the Sabbath, those will be mostly emergency, Medical and law persons. Remember only God has the right to judge those that have to work on the Sabbath, not I, nor you.

It is also my belief that The Sabbath starts at Sunrise on Saturday and ends at Sunset on Saturday, as my understanding of what is written in the Bible.

What you do with the information I have given to you, is up to you. I can only ask that you seek guidance from God Almighty as to what He will want you to do with it.

I cannot guide you as to what you should do, for I am just a messenger, passing along what I have been tasked to pass along.

In the name of our Lord “Jesus Christ”, Amen