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President Donald Trump

The Trump effect refers to events and trends that have occurred due to the election or influence of Donald Trump as United States President.

Insourcing and American jobs

The Trump effect includes voluntary actions by American companies to make America great again by not moving manufacturing jobs to other countries, after Donald Trump championed this issue in his successful campaign for president in 2016.

Recognition of bias by the mainstream media

The Trump effect includes an overwhelming loss in trust by the public in the mainstream media, with the vast majority of people recognizing now that the media frequently lies to the public and is thoroughly tainted by liberal bias.[1]

Illegal immigration

According to data released early in Trump's presidency, illegal border crossings decreased by 40% in the first month of Trump's presidency – a remarkable achievement, considering that illegal immigration usually increases by 10 to 20% in January and February.[2][3] Illegal immigration dropped so much that U.S. Customs and Border Protection was able to close on of their temporary holding facilities.[4] This drop was probably due to the Trump effect.[5]

Foreign effects

The Trump effect also includes actions by foreign dictators to stop lying to the world, as when Cuba finally admitted that Fidel Castro was dead after ten years of denying it. The communist dictator did this just before President-elect Trump was to receive a briefing by the Obama Administration, which has long known that Fidel was dead as demonstrated by how Obama did not even mention, let alone meet, Fidel during Obama's trip to Cuba in early 2016.

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