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UNCoRRELATED is moderately conservative political weblog providing general political commentary as well as specialized insights into issues concerning the Inter-mountain West, the Air Force and the intersection of politics and Mormonism.


Launched in 2003 as a collaboration between Greg Prince, Mick Stockinger and Marc Schindler, the site reflected a broad swath of political opinion.[1] Schindler, now deceased, was a Canadian with internationalist, "multi-polar" views and strongly opposed to the Iraq invasion. Prince was and is a registered Democrat with strong libertarian views on gay marriage. Stockinger represented conservative social views, a liberal economic outlook as well as a liberal perspective on foreign policy as a strong supporter of the Iraq war. The name of the site, which often elicits curiosity, was derived from Stockinger's belief that the unwillingness to hear contrary opinions was damaging and that political discussion tended to revert to "schooling" if not resisted by actively confronting radically different views. The definition of "uncorrelated" is literally "not varying together", which seemed an appropriate title for the blog [2]

The site was only infrequently updated through the summer of 2004 as the authors were still transitioning from the email forum paradigm in which they had all been involved since the early 1990s. Beginning in July 2004, Prince and Stockinger began to post intensively to the site and engage in collaborative linking and blogging. With the reelection of George W. Bush, the political differences between Prince and Stockinger grew and were reflected in their respective postings. Readers began to be polarized between the two authors, respectively complaining about the other. In late 2005, a process of separation began which was formalized in 2006. Greg Prince has since created his own blog[3] and UNCoRRELATED has since reflected a more homogeneous conservative character. Stockinger admits that the current configuration of the blog is a failure of his original theme, but that the fault lies in a lack of enough imagination.


Mark Adams is a British national with an American family. He splits his time between London and New Jersey.

Dave Calder is retired Air Force, currently residing near Salt Lake City, UT.

Mick Stockinger is a business owner living near Salt Lake City, UT since 1998


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