United States presidential election, 1920

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In 1920 many people were unhappy with Woodrow Wilson's policies and World War I. The Republicans nominated Ohio Senator, Warren G. Harding. Wilson was in no condition to run for a third term, and the Democrats instead nominated Ohio Governor, James M. Cox, as their candidate.[1] Cox supported many of Wilson's ideas and policies, while Harding called for a "return to normalacy." He eventually won in what remains the highest (percentage-wise) popular vote margin in history.[2]

candidates popular vote electoral vote
Warren G. Harding 16,143,407 404
James M. Cox 9,130,328 127
Eugene V. Debs 919,799 0
P. P. Christensen 265,411 0
Aaron S. Watkins 189,408 0
James E. Ferguson 48,000 0
W. W. Cox 31,715 0



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Notes and References

  1. Ironically, while Cox never won the presidency, both running mates would go on to win the Presidency. They were Calvin Coolidge and Franklin Roosevelt.
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