United States presidential election, 1948

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President Truman was not thought to be very popular when he announced his candidacy for 1968. The Democrats nominated him, but many other candidates ran and seemed to hold most of the Democratic support. The Republicans nominated New York Governor, Thomas E. Dewey. Dewey had run against Roosevelt on the Republican ticket in the last election and the polls claimed he would have victory. The election seemed to be firmly in Dewey's favor. But the election polls surprised America.[1]

candidates popular vote electoral vote
Harry S Truman 24,105,812 303
Thomas E. Dewey 21,970,065 189
J. Strom Thurmond 1,169,063 39
Henry A. Wallace 1,157,172 0
Norman Thomas 139,414 0
Claude A. Watson 103,224 0
Edward A. Teichert 29,244 0



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