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Hello! My name is Adam Sheppard (hence "AShep") and I am a contributor here at Conservapedia.

About Me and my Beliefs

Like you would rightly expect, I am an ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Christian. I completely abhor all things and people liberal and atheist! I attend church every Sunday and am part of my local Republican caucus. I drive a Ford Excursion with the Stars and Stripes painted proudly on the side and several Ichthys ("Jesus fish") on the back. I firmly believe with all my heart that evolution is a society-degrading falsehood (all those undeniable facts scientist have proven are obviously a sinister ploy to trick the unsuspecting world into believing it) and that the Earth is 6000 years old (all the well-tested, indisputable evidence scientists have stating otherwise is also just a sinister ploy to brainwash the public). I'm sure that all those enormous, carnivorous dinosaurs could have survived 40 days in an ark without eating any of the other animals no problem. Homosexuality is also, I firmly believe, a choice (that gene scientists have pinpointed as the "cause" of homosexuality is just another malicious myth). People obviously choose to be gay (I don't know why any one would just choose to but they obviously do!). I also believe that America is a conservative, Christian nation that requires conservative, Christian values. I agree with the second amendment of our Constitution and think we should all keep and bear our firearms. This great land would be so much safer if we all just owned our own gun! I also thing taxes are way too high especially for the wealthy (just because they can easily pay a slightly higher tax doesn't mean they should); does our government really need any revenue? Ronald Reagan (the greatest American president, and my personal hero) wouldn't say so! Universal health care is a travesty - health care is not a fundamental right all people should be entitled to. Health care should be a means to help our corporations earn profits (this is America, and here we do thing the American way). If you're poor, too bad - it's obviously your fault. I am also a staunch supporter of extremely tight immigration. What do liberals think America is? It is a homogeneous Christian nation. It is not some melting pot that anyone should be able to come and find a home in! President Obama, I believe, was born in Kenya. Obviously his undeniably authentic birth certificate is a forgery. If your father was born in another country, I'm sure that would mean you were to. And he's a Muslim as well, all the uncountable hours he's spent in church and practicing Christianity is a clever ploy to make us think he's Christian. Any office-holding non-Christian I'm sure would sacrifice endless hours of their busy schedule like that pretending to be of the one true religion to trick their constituents.

My Personal Goal for Conservapedia

I contribute to Conservapedia for one reason. To strengthen the ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Christian beliefs that I wish to emerse our great nation in.

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