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I am a Libertarian Socialist and am therefore more liberal and more conservative than the vast majority of Americans.

I support Second Amendment rights, even if I'm more likely to wield a bow and arrow than a gun.

I am in favor of increased government transparency. No matter how transparent it already is, government of the people, by the people, and for the people ought to let the people know what it's doing.

I believe in the right of every individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I also believe this requires a good deal of investment in a system of education available to all which encourages independent thought and analysis. I believe this is possible without bureaucracy robbing us and tossing the extra money in the sewer. Maybe I'm an idealist, but hey, Francisco Ferrer and his pupils did decently; can't we? (Just hope we're not shot.)

Throw off the chains of dominion over mind, needs, and conduct! Long live the Anarchist ideal.

I oppose pre-emptive war and believe the war in Iraq was a mistake, and that our strategy there was fundamentally flawed for far too long. But I also think now's the wrong time to pull out. Fingers crossed.

I mourn with Pakistan.

I am in favor of complete amnesty for illegal immigrants, securing the border, and making it easier for people to immigrate here WITHOUT PAYING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN BRIBES AND WAITING TEN YEARS. My anarchist morals cringe at the idea of imprisoning, fining, or deporting such "criminals", but my more practical instincts acknowledge the need to stop such events as the ease of smuggling nuclear material into the United States. I know I'm in the minority here.

I favor increased access to information regarding birth control and contraception. Even if you favor abstinence until marriage, it's useful after marriage, and always infinitely preferable to abortion.

I am a cynical and untrusting idealist with a skewed view of the real world. Aren't we all?