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The fifth lecture of Andrew Schlafly's current course on the American Government is freely available now, covering the Bill of rights. This series of lectures is especially useful in an election year.

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Swing states like Ohio and Florida are crucial in the upcoming election. Therefore the featured article for October 2012 is Ohio. Please help to improve this article!

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Ohio is located in the Midwestern region of the United States and on March 1, 1803, became the seventeenth state. The capital of Ohio is Columbus. Other large cities in Ohio include Cincinnati and Cleveland. Ohio borders the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. The current governor of Ohio is John Kasich, a Republican... (Read more)

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(On Thursday October 11 2012, the Democratic Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican candidate for this office, Congressman Paul Ryan hold their only debate before the Presidential Election 2012.)

Masterpiece of the month

The Declaration of Independence, painted by John Trumbull during the years 1817-1819.

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Conservapedia: Over 450 million Views & 970,000 Edits.

American Government Lecture Five is freely available now. It's not public school claptrap.

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2013: A BAD year for evolutionary belief

2013: A BAD year for evolutionary belief

Why is 2013 going to be a BAD year for evolutionary belief?


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