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  • "I believe in choice, but I believe that choice should be life" ~paraphrasing Rush Limbaugh. "I believe abortion should be legal, safe, and rare." ~ Bill Clinton
  • I think it takes some willful negligence to think the second amendment means that anybody can have a gun for any purpose. However, the gun genie is out of the bottle, and I don't think guns will ever be removed from society, so we might as well let a permitted, regulated populace have them.
  • I think REAL small government is the answer. Yesterday's [at the time] WSJ had John McCain saying that bailouts re: the subprime mess are a bad idea, and the lenders and mortgage holders are to blame. HECK YES. Free markets include the freedom to screw up and lose your shirt.
  • Universal Health Care. Come ON. What's the point in being the wealthiest nation on the planet if we can't keep our citizens alive and healthy? That said, if companies (insurance or otherwise) can make a buck doing it, more power to them. I don't need the government involved.
  • Earmarks. End all of them. Do you know how much lower your federal taxes would be if we weren't funding each other's pet projects? Low enough that states could tax you for the stuff your state actually needs. Montana? Sorry, nobody lives there so you don't get stuff.
  • Prayer in school - sure, why not? How about 15 minutes before home room, there's a prayer in a common area (like a gym)? Don't want to pray, don't go. Big crowd, no organization to who sits where, so who cares?
  • I let Jehovah's Witnesses in when they knock, and listen respectfully. What's it hurt?
  • Complaining about creches on city property is being too touchy, but in today's argumentative society I see where they're coming from.
  • The ACLU does a lot of good work. Sorry, but they do.
  • Torture? #@*& you. Acting against American principles in order to protect America is insane.
  • The EFF (that's the Electronic Frontier Foundation) does *AMAZING* work. If you don't like what they do then, in my opinion, you don't understand what they do. I'll be happy to explain.
  • I'm a Presbyterian.
  • No, I don't go every week, but I go more than Christmas and Easter. I've spoken before the congregation many times in my life. And yes, I'm still not sure about the existence of God, or at least what God is (old man with a beard? black? white? amorphous concept of love?). The very definition of humanity, I read somewhere, is the ability to hold two conflicting ideas in the consciousness simultaneously.
  • It's still called "Easter", by the way. Yes, it sounds like Eostre, and that's not a coincidence.
Gays can get married, or nobody can get married. At least, from the government's perspective; call them all civil unions or something. Religions can do what they want.
  • Clubs can exclude whoever they want. People can say whatever we want about those clubs. Loudly.
  • The 2nd war in Iraq never should have happened. (George Bush Sr should have taken Saddam out in the 1st one, though.) George Jr. deceived the country. He should've been impeached. So should Bill Clinton. So what?