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UserCross.jpg This user is a Protestant.
This user has repented of his sin against God and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
Christflag.jpeg This user does not believe in so called Tolerance when it compromises Truth.
Christflag.jpeg This user considers Postmodernism to be a lie from Satan in preparation for the end of time.
This user studies the Bible, letting the Bible interpret the Bible.
comp-2 This user thinks that computers are acceptably useful, and gets small enjoyment from using them.
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This user thinks that Wikipedia is too Liberal.
YEC This user is a Young Earth Creationist.
This user doesn't believe but knows that evolution cannot explain the complexity of species.
This user knows that donuts do not need holes to be called donuts (though all types are delicious).
This user was a casualty of the Great Donut War.
This user has specialized experience in American Law.
This user does not support Barack Obama.
Clinton head.jpg This user is disgusted by the tawdry lies brought upon the Presidency by this man
Reagan1.jpg This user fondly remembers President Ronald Reagan.
This user knows
totalitarians love gun control.
Patriotic.jpeg This user supports our troops!
Constitution quill pen.jpg This user believes in the United States Constitution.
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