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"Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem." --John Ponce

My 2 cents

  • Quotes should be used to support a particular thesis, not compose a thesis.
  • Opposing arguments should be honestly and completely defined before attempting to refute them.

My articles of interest

Conservatism and Liberalism

Entries about Liberalism Entries about Conservatism
Liberal deceit Conservative deceit
Liberal hypocrisy (mainspaced) Essay: Conservative hypocrisy (Essayed)
Liberal style (goes to liberal bias) Conservative style
Essay:Liberal Intellectualism Essay:Conservative Intellectualism
Liberal tools Conservative tools
Liberal Hysteria Conservative Hysteria
Liberal bias, rife at WP Conservative bias, nonexistent at CP
Liberal Gloss Conservative Gloss
Liberal Elite Conservative Elite

Articles needing attention

Reading material

Gay Homosexual agenda Homosexual Couples and Domestic Violence
Homosexual Public Indecency Tolerated in San Francisco Homosexual behavior Homosexual agenda in Scotland
Homosexual rights advocacy Homosexual acts Gay Bomb
Homosexuality Homosexuality and AIDS Homosexuality and Genetics
Homosexuality and Gonorrhea Homosexuality and Marriage Homosexuality and Mental Health
Homosexuality and Parasites Homosexuality and Promiscuity Homosexuality and Religious Liberty
Homosexuality and Syphilis Homosexuality and free will Homosexuality and genetics
Homosexuality in Animals Myth Gay Bowel Syndrome Gay disease


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