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Billy Bob Neck is a soldier on the front lines of the culture war.

Born on Jeckyll Island, GA on July 3rd, 1962, Mr. Neck's childhood was shaped by a love of Jesus and the strong enforcing hand of loving parents, Emmett and Irene, that kept him on the God's path.

Mr. Neck started writing songs as soon as he could sing. He wrote his first song, "Hippies (Let 'em Burn)" in 1972. It was picked up by some political campaigns down South but his parents felt it unseemly for him to appear on a stage. He was then sent to a boy's Christian academy in Guatamala where songwriting was discouraged.

On returning home, newly washed in the spirit, Mr. Neck supported himself with various odd jobs while tirelessly working to save pre-born children and to fight the homosexual menace in our schools. Despite his gift of verbal ability and tuneful whistling, Mr. Neck refused all attempts to write songs for the movement.

In the mid-80's Mr. Neck seemingly disappeared. It was rumored that he had "gone liberal" or became an alcoholic. In 1999, he resurfaced speaking fluent Spanish and other Latin American tongues. He refuses to talk about these years but frequently hums "De Colores" and chuckles to himself.

After his parents died in 2003, Mr. Neck began to write songs again. His first new song, "Liberals (Let 'em Burn)" caught the ear of some political campaigns down South and he began to perform them. 2003 also brought word from God that Mr. Neck should move to "Sodomy Central" or Boston, Ma. Once there, he began to peform live and gained a reputation as a straight-shooting liberal hater.

In 2006, Mr Neck started Billy Bob Neck's Hour Of Bein' Good on a local radio station, which plays weekly. 2006 also found Mr. Neck joining forces with Shelley The Republican, a leading website of Conservative Christian thought. He writes and produces Briefly Patriotic, a short inspirational podcast.

Mr. Neck is married with two children who he prefers to keep out of the public spotlight.