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Terroja Lee Kinkald, known as TheAmazingAtheist on Youtube is a vlogger, and generally accepted as one of the most odious people on the popular web video sharing site. He is known for his morally questionable debate tactics and general misogyny.

I think we should give the guy who raped you a medal. I hope you f*cking drown in rape semen, you ugly, mean-spirited cow.

—TheAmazingAtheist on rape



For a more detailed treatment, see Mens Rights Movement.
In order to understand this incoherent pile of meat, one must understand the Men's rights movement, and the fallacies behind it. The mens rights movement started as a backlash against the progress the Sexual Revolution and Women's Rights. Primarily, the grievances displayed involve the percieved injustices dealt against men, while women and thier associates ignore it. However, as most fads, it relies on logical fallacies, and arguments put out of place.


TJ holds pretty generic atheist ideas; lack of god, etc. His views on other things however, are radical, even by the Mens Rights Movement standards. Mostly, by listening to him, you would see that he believes that people should be able to do anything, so long as it does not infringe on the rights of other people, where people mean men.[2] Feminists, and the general public, have put thorough rebuttals of his arguments, causing even more outrageous statements. TheAmazingAtheist also tends to have a very violent rhetoric regarding feminists, and Women's rights, often arguing for rape as a corrective treatment. His justification for this is that "rape isn't lethal".[3] In his rather egocentric book, Scumbag and the musings of a sub-human he often refers to sex in a tasteless manner. For example, his section labled "sex", he holds charming comparisons between gawping at a woman's breast vs her butt.[4]


TJ holds very unorthodox views on bullies, and thier subsequent victims. Instead of observing the accepted and proven sociological physcological and economical impact of bullies, he argues that "being a bully doesn't make you a monster, and being bullied does not make you a victim. Furthermore, suicidal victims of bullying are simply weak". This resulted in an incredible amount of criticisms, even within the MRA group. His tactful response to the criticism was a video called "macho trolling".

TheAmazingAtheist vs the Internet

During a shortlived episode at the networking site Reddit, TAA ranted against a rape victim, and graphically described how he would rape her. This resulted in the usual drama, but also in notable atheist, PZ Myers calling him out, with a point by point refutation of his arguments.[5] Upon finding that refutation, TJ threw a tantrum, and published a video, PZ Liars, on Youtube, earning him the ire of long time youtubers, and the trolling community, 4chan.

Vs Creationists

Unlike most atheists, who can create a coherent argument against creationism and creation science, Terroja cannot, and is often defeated by notable apologists on youtube.