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I am 17 year old Canadian. I am a leftist. I am on this website to use it as a source and to just see how it differs from wikipedia. I do not intend to edit anything other than in the discussion sections, I respect the right of this site to host it's views.

I believe in a socialist nation free of a state, however I am aware that this will take quite some time to accomplish and will be involved democratically in my government. I believe in the legalization of marijuana, as long as it is government regulated and taxed. I believe in gay rights. I believe in gun control, no semi autos, no fully autos, no handguns. I am anti war. I support the Palestinian cause. I support gay rights and the right for gays to be married. I am pro choice. I am not a supporter of Barack Obama, I know I'm a canadian, but policy wise I support Ralph Nader, realistically (and majority of policy) I support Dennis Kucinich.

I am straight edge and I have never smoked, done drugs or drank more than a glass of alcoholic beverage in my life. I fear insects. I respect the rights of all voices to be heard, left, right, centre, theist, atheist, etc. I am an agnostic.