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Desecularization of Europe and illegal immigration

The Financial Times declared in an article entitled Mass migration into Europe is unstoppable:

"In the long run I expect the nativists to lose, not because their demands are unpopular but because they are unenforceable. It may be possible for island nations surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, such as Japan or Australia, to maintain strict controls on immigration. It will be all but impossible for an EU that is part of a Eurasian landmass and is separated from Africa only by narrow stretches of the Mediterranean."[1]

BBC: "That is because of the big increase in numbers crossing the Mediterranean. While some 60,000 reached European shores in 2013, so far more than 130,000 have arrived in 2014."[2]

"In 2014, 283,532 migrants irregularly entered the European Union, mainly following the Central Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean and Western Balkan routes. 220,194 migrants crossed EU sea borders in the Central, Eastern and Western Mediterranean (a 266% increase compared to 2013). Half of them had come from Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan."[3]

Atheism and sexism

Future of America and religion/irreligion

"“Recent coverage of American religious life, by focusing on the decline of some of the larger denominations and the new organized life of non-theistic communities, have missed the larger story that since World War II, religion in the United States has grown spectacularly and ahead of the population curve. America is now the most religious it has ever been with Church membership at an all-time high and relatively new worshipping communities representing the spectrum of the world's religions now spread across the urban landscape. As a nation in which the great majority of its people have affiliated with a religious community, without government coercion, America is possibly the most religious country that the world has ever seen.” - Scholars Will Challenge “Secularization Myth” Nov. 10 at National Press Club


User: Conservative/Psychology of atheism - article resources

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Social Consequences of Disparagement Humor: A Prejudiced Norm Theory

Muslim Migration to Europe

Atheism quotes

Theism vs. atheism battle fronts


Internet atheism

Googling God and atheism

Atheism vs. science

Creationism/anti-Darwinism is growing in the UK/Europe

Studies on atheists

Anti-atheism and social media

Atheist monument

American and British atheism

Decline of global atheism

Atheist Massimo Pigliucci on 21st century atheism

Reflections on the skeptic and atheist movements - Atheist Massimo Pigliucci on the problem of celebrity worship, groupthink and shallow thinking/anti-intellectualism in the 21st century skeptic community

Anti-atheism YouTube channels

Google trends - Atheism and agnosticism terms

Google trends measures the interest in various words/phrases as far as Google searches over time. Below is Google trends data for various terms relating to atheism/agnosticism for various countries and the the world as a whole:

Specific atheism terms

Data showing atheism is in a slump?

Attention Atheists: Google trends indicates: You are in a slump![4]

Darwinism/hubris/irreligion/anti-Christianity and Nazi Germany

Atheism and reason

French atheism

Cause and consequences of atheism

Miscellaneous research on atheism

History of atheism

Atheism and women

"At CFI’s Women in Secularism 2 Conference this past May, Carrie Poppy remarked that she has a friend who studies social movements, and that almost every movement has a “woman stage,” where women either engage or turn away from the movement. If women get heavily involved, the movement succeeds, and if they don’t, it stagnates. Her friend holds that the secular movement is in its woman stage right now."[5] See: Atheism and women and Ponies vs. atheism - Ponies win!

Women, atheist non-profits and fundraising

"Older ladies are THE major donor demographic. Here’s something amazing. Women are far, far more generous than men. (Hey, we knew this, didn’t we?) A recent study found that women are more than TWICE as generous than men. For every $100 boomer and older men gave, women in the very same economic circumstances gave $258!! Women are more likely to give to charity, and they are more likely to give more. (Women Give 2012, Women’s Philanthropy Institute, Indiana University.)"[6]

See: Atheism and uncharitableness and Atheism and women


"The claim that the notion of secularization was never a reliable guide to processes of religious change feeds into several arguments for the need to abandon it altogether and, instead, to adopt a position termed “postsecular.” A particularly radical charge is that secularization was nothing more than an ideological obfuscation or a self-serving ploy implemented by rationalist intellectuals and elites (Hadden 1987; Martin 1969; Morozov 2008:41)." - British sociologist James Bradwick[7]

Martin, David. 1969. The Religious and the secular: Studies in secularization. Oxford, UK: Routledge and Kegan Paul.

Hadden, Jeffrey K. 1987. Toward desacralizing secularization theory. Social Forces 65(3):587–611.

Morozov, Aleksandr. 2008. Has the postsecular age begun? Religion, State and Society 36(1):39–44.

USA/Racial Demographics/Atheism

“If mainstream freethought and humanism continue to reflect the narrow cultural interests of white elites who have disposable income to go to conferences then the secular movement is destined to remain marginal and insular.” - Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson


How components of the U.S. population are projected to change by 2050:

  • Racial/ethnic groups 2005 2050
  • Foreign-born 12% 19%
  • White* 67% 47%
  • Hispanic 14% 29%
  • Black* 13% 13%
  • Asian* 5% 9%

Secular Europeans are a dying breed

"The greying of the baby boomers - A century-long view of ageing in European populations

If migratory flows were suddenly to stop from 2010 on, the overall outcome would be older European populations. At the end of the period under consideration, on average, the median age would be about three years more, the percentage of persons aged 65 years and over 3.4 percentage points higher, that of the oldest-old 2 percentage points higher, and the [Old Age Dependency Ratio] OADR would also increase by more than 8 points, from 52.4 to 61.0. The impact at national level depends on the level and direction migration is assumed to take over the next five decades. The countries for which the positive net migratory flows are projected to be more significant are those where the additional ageing due to no migration would be more relevant. For instance, Spain would reach a median age of 54.4 by 2060, instead of 49.7; on the other hand, in Romania the median age would increase by only 0.6 years....

Population ageing is undoubtedly going to be a key demographic challenge in many European countries over the next fifty years. Its implications for socioeconomic systems, such as public pensions programmes, health care or kinship structures, may be considerable. The latest Eurostat projections (Europop2010) show that, over the next 50 years, population ageing is likely to attain unprecedented levels in 31 European countries, though the magnitude, speed and timing are likely to vary. In fact, population ageing has been a reality for decades now. In some countries it may already have passed its peak speed over a one-century period to enter a slowdown phase; in others, the process may speed up noticeably over the coming decades."[8]

Interview with Eric Kaufmann, Author of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? and misc.

November 2013: “Unless fertility rates dramatically improve,” Turnbull cautioned, “societies with birth rates substantially below replacement level will either dwindle into an ­insignificant fraction of their current ­numbers or be swamped by larger and larger waves of immigration.”[9]

Desecularization of the world

Folly of atheism

Atheists and ignorance of the history of science

Militant secularism

Militant atheism YouTube channel

Age groups and internet usage

Most students have to navigate these decisions without any spiritual direction or encouragement. The campus ministry targets university students, because it is the decision making time of life: the small window of time where individuals are open to changing their ideas, beliefs and perceptions of the world. This is why roughly 90% of all Christians made their decision for Christ before they reached the age of 21.

Age of conversion - Barna Group

Atheists: A Groundbreaking Study of America's Nonbelievers (Paperback)[10] conservative 23:37, 18 January 2009 (EST)

Atheist YouTube channel wasteland

A reply to a YT video by a YT Skeptic named “NonStampCollector”. This fellow combines lousy art (stick figures) with lousy arguments, but somehow manages to get hundreds of people to watch his stuff and praise it. Just goes to show what a wasteland the Net can be![11]


People tend to Believe in God

secularism and the UK and list of quotes


Age groups and internet usage

Most students have to navigate these decisions without any spiritual direction or encouragement. The campus ministry targets university students, because it is the decision making time of life: the small window of time where individuals are open to changing their ideas, beliefs and perceptions of the world. This is why roughly 90% of all Christians made their decision for Christ before they reached the age of 21.

Age of conversion - Barna Group

Atheism and demographics

Effect of prosperity on rate of atheism

American religious groups and income

decline of atheism further research

Decline of atheism, further research:

Find original sources for these additional stats. Conservative 07:45, 21 May 2012 (EDT)

Atheists and attacking critics as being stupid and/or crazy

Vox Day:

"Now, it is certainly true that I rub the oft-demonstrated fact of my superior intelligence in the face of my critics, for the reason I have often explained. Both the political Left and the militant atheists regularly resort to the logical fallacy of appealing to the authority of intelligence; in fact, atheists even utilize it in a bizarre and illogical argument against the existence of God. My overt assertion and subsequent demonstration of an even higher degree of intelligence than most of them can muster thereby removes one of their favorite intellectual weapons from their arsenal and tends to make them look foolish when they attempt to use it to dismiss me in the manner that they dismiss so many others they attack.

This is why you will often see them theorizing that I must be crazy, because they are so attached to their logical fallacy that they literally cannot grasp that someone can be more intelligent than they are and nevertheless reject their left-liberal ideology or their godless scientism... even though it has been statistically demonstrated that there are more high IQ theists than atheists. IQ-flaunting is a useful rhetorical device that trumps a common rhetorical argument, nothing more. And it is obviously an effective one, as most of my critics eventually get around to complaining about it sooner or later."[12]

Dislike of evangelical atheists

Pro- atheism funding

New Religious Survey

I saw this survey, which was released today, being spun by the mainstream media. I think it supports some of the things you've been writing about--specifically that people are spinning "unchurched" into atheists. This survey indicates that a mere 3% of people are atheist as opposed to the 20% who answered "no religion".

I thought you might like to have the link and survey, in case you hadn't seen it and wanted to use it to update some of the pages. Best, WilliamWB 12:50, 13 March 2013 (EDT)

Creation vs. evolution

Creation vs. evolution - CW

Various types of atheists - research

The religion of atheism/humanism

Observations about atheists and humorous question

- Why do atheists insist Christians need to provide "Original" claims, beliefs, statements, arguments, (etc.) when THEY all sling the same old "arguments" that have been passed from atheist generation to atheist generation?[13]

- Why do atheists resort to tactics like "changing the subject /re-directing the topic, "the straw man"...(our favorite to shoot down) etc. and dragging out unnecessarily long replies with no actual answer to the question being asked?[14]

- Can you PROVE you're an atheist?[15]

Crazy, militant atheist

Miscellaneous atheism articles