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Comedy and humor


Photoshopped or unusual pictures:

Vermont foliage and church.jpg


John Pinette:

Political humor

Liberals saying Trump cannot be president

SJW/Liberal reaction to Trump winning in 2016

Media meltdown on Trump win:

Weak, Girly-boy Obama

General, contemporary

Photoshopped pictures:

Sharise Parviz

Leftists/SJW humor

Alex Jones

Other Political humor, historical

Conflict between journalists and politicians

Other humorous clips

Funny songs/videos from the 1930s

Comedy related to homosexual agenda

Comedy/humor related to atheism

Santa syndrome:

Crazy atheist making a public spectacle of himself:


Atheism is madness

Australian seculars/atheists confronting Muslims

UK seculars vs. UK Muslims

Islam TV hostess vs. Egyptian secular

MRAs vs. feminists

Satire of the godless, libertine Swedish Agriculture Minister - Eskil Erlandsson


"...dealing with the Wikipedians is like walking into a mental hospital: the floors are carpeted, the walls are nicely padded, but you know there’s a pretty good chance at any given moment one of the inmates will pick up a knife.” - quote from a New York Times article on Wikipedia written by the journalist and author Judith Newman[1]