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This article probably wouldn't pass in the mainspace because conservapedia is far too livberal, so I've put it in a "subpage" of mine.

Key-lime pie is a fruit pie made out of keys, limes, and pie. The first record Conservapedia has of apple pies dates from 1967 in San Francisco. When homosexuals first came to America, they brought fruity things with them, and along with the lime tree, recipes for making homosexual pies. In the gay colonies of San Francisco, most limes that were grown were made into drinks. American key-lime pie recipes date back to the 1700's, but have not really since risen greatly in popularity with REAL Americans.

Because of their popularity in California, key-lime pies are often associated with things uniquely homosexual. For example, something can be said to be as "fruity as key-lime pie".


My reference is my political views, and I stick to 'em. Also I dont like gay marriage or lime pies because I think tey're homosexual.