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(some ideas of mine)

Proposed new wikilinks

[[define:car]] =

[[thesaurus:car]] =

[[yahoo:car]] = yahoo search for car

[[google:car]] = google search for car

[[link:Main Page]] = yahoo search for "link:" which lists the wesbites on the internet that link to our Main Page

[[stats:Aschlafly]] = (there is an error in this program it happened after the new update to the site)

[[wislam:Muslims who left Islam]] = (website for responding to muslims)

[[wnd:68494]] =

[[Jfaq:Kashrut.htm]] =

Proposed new Special Page


Proposed templates

Template:Request_block (to be used by people who do not have blocking rights to request a user be blocked)

Other ideas

An email account should be created to be used by innocent users who can't edit because of an ip range block. (great idea)

ip ranges should be blocked for a max of 5 years (maybe)

Blocked users can edit their talk page to request an unblock, the user talk page can be protected if that is necessary (maybe)

Users earn some priviliges over time automatically based off the total number of mainspace edits they have made, such as move, upload etc. (with the exception of block) (maybe)

Make it easier for admins at CreationWiki or Wikipedia to become admins here (maybe)