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Who I am

I am Gene Alexander, owner of ERA Computers & Consulting. I am also a US citizen and conservative Christian father and husband. I have a technical blog at that covers FOSS and CSS with news, reviews and commentary.

A bit about me

I have been a Unix systems installer, administrator, troubleshooter, and reseller since early 1988. The company where I got my start went under in July 1989 due to poor management and I began my own business selling plus installing SCO Xenix based Point of Sale systems in August 1989. My company branched out into building personal computers and selling the accessories and peripherals for same soon after. We are still a small family owned business that focuses totally on commercial and non-commercial alternative operating systems (meaning non-Microsoft) and hardware for same as of today (November 2007). I hope to contribute information to Conservapedia from my long experience with Unix and Unix-like operating systems such as Linux as well as other alternative operating systems like IBM OS/2 and Serenity Systems eComStation.


Unless this sentence is removed assume e-mail to me is not yet working and contact me via my talk page.