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About Me

I grew up Catholic, but have been exploring other Christian denominations. What I've kept from my earlier Catholicism is a strong belief in God and a strong belief in the sanctity of life--only God can give it and only God can take it.

I have a background in mathematics, because I find that its ubiquity in the world is evidence of God's marvelous design of the world. Most of my contributions have been to math and logic articles, but lately I've also been contributing to general knowledge articles too.

I live in the USA.


Big projects that I have done, am doing, or am planning to do:

Math Markup

Simple steps to do basic math editing on the wiki. For most simple things (e.g. numbers, subscripts, superscripts), you don't need math markup, just regular HTML (there are buttons for these in the edit bar). For more complicated things, or things like Greek letters, you need to enter math mode using <math> and exit it using </math>. This lets you use the powerful LaTeX markup for writing mathematics. Many LaTeX commands are straightforward to guess: Greek letters are \nameofletter, for example \kappa, \delta, or \Delta, which give κ,δ, or Δ. The commands are case sensitive as you can see. Other things you might want are:

  • \frac{num}{denom} which yields \frac{num}{denom}.
  • _ is subscript, ^ is superscript, and by default they only take one thing as argument, so if you want multiple numbers, use {} to denote the scope. Compare: \sigma_12 with \sigma_{12}: σ12 versus σ12.
  • \lim_{x\to \infty} f(x) yields \lim_{x\to \infty} f(x)

Curly braces {} are used to denote the argument of a command.

Any other LaTeX questions, feel free to ask me.

Post-2008 Election Message

this seems to have worked. great!

It has been more than a week since the fateful election and while I had other things keeping me busy during that time, the election results had severely discouraged me from continuing at CP. Today, I can finally muster the energy to resume the valiant fight. The upcoming presidency is an Obamination and I would feel pity for all the misguided who voted for Obama if it weren't for the fact that the whole country will soon suffer from his errant policies. You don't have to look far to find intelligent people ringing the alarms: the stock market plunged with the Obama "victory" and Senator Paul Broun has prudently warned of a police state, Marxism and socialism resulting directly from Obama's plans[1][2]. Obama will undo the Christian principles that have guided our government under the Republican helm. I hope to be proven wrong, but in four years I'm sure the country will be nearly unrecognizable - more socialist, more atheist, more anti-Christian, more illegal immigrants, more insecurity, more liberal, more homo-loving, more abominations! It's time to rouse our silent majority and act to make sure that our Senators and Representatives know that they have a duty to uphold the democratic will of the people and of God and that we will hold them accountable if they bend to Obama's machinations. We will show them that the people have the reins, not the Obamaniacs.

I, for one, pledge to do my part to keep the Truth alive and envision Conservapedia as the natural place to beacon the message. I've lost patience with all the liberals and liberal-enablers invading this site and trying to undermine it with dilutions of the message. Politically correct censorship of facts has no place here and neither does ideologically motivated {{fact}}-tagging, so if that is your purpose here then either leave or I will be forced to make you leave. Peace be with you.

Awards and Recognition

WikiGnome Award

Foxtrot, thanks for following me around and making little corrections and improvements like this one. We need to make an award in your honor. :-) --Ed Poor Talk 09:30, 30 August 2008 (EDT) (original location)

Tidy Up Award

From JLauttamus (original location)


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