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Junior at University of Connecticut. Jewish. I am a strong fiscal conservative although I tend to be more liberal on most social issues (the Second Amendment being one big exception - I fully support gun rights). However, I am willing to put my differences on a few issues aside and be a productive editor to Conservapedia. I am very knowledgeable on economic subjects, and as I said, I strongly identify as a conservative there. Although you may not agree with me on most social issues, I feel I can be helpful in providing a "counter" point of view. Most articles have a sort of "point-counterpoint" format rather than simply being an outline of conservative views of everything. I feel that I can help out with that, drawing not only on personal knowledge but on my experience in high school debate team. After all, during my participation, I often needed to argue for a side that I didn't personally agree with. I found this very helpful later in life.

Perhaps you could call me a libertarian. Indeed, I am a member of the Libertarian Party. However, I don't like to attach labels to myself like "libertarian" or "conservative". Especially since those can mean so many different things. Am I a paleoconservative? In some ways. Not in all. But I generally feel that people should be free to choose what they want as long as it does not negatively effect anyone who does not want to be effected. Whether I personally agree that something is right is irrelevant. I wouldn't do it. But as long as it's not hurting me, you can do it. Many libertarians may have similar values as conservatives, and just disagree on how to follow them. This, in my opinion, is the main difference between us.

But nevertheless, I know when to keep my mouth shut and won't engage in needless flame wars. I also know Wikicode fairly well due to my time editing Wikipedia. I still do so, but tend to stay off political topics since it leads to flame wars. On the other hand, the articles on UConn subjects are unlikely to create much controversy (except for when vandal trolls claim that our soccer coach is going to portray a transsexual soccer coach in a movie or that he was hit in the head by a soccer ball at an Occupy UConn Rally, neither of which are true). I am highly disappointed in Wikipedia's political bias and censorship, which is one of the reasons I came over here. I don't think Conservapedia is perfectly neutral or unbiased, but I don't think any source is. That's why I look at more than one and choose for myself who is right.

For those who are curious, I am related to neither the Koch Brothers nor Ed Koch.

Some may be questioning/complaining my decision to attend college at a state school, particularly when coming from New York State I wouldn't get the in-state discount. However, I am an actuarial science major and UConn was rated by the Society of Actuaries as a "Center for Actuarial Excellence" and the second-best program in the country. With my high school GPA, I knew I wasn't going to get into Penn's Wharton Business School, which was number one. So coming here was an easy choice once I got in. That being said, we do have problems like spending massive amounts of money for fancy copper plating for our new buildings, one of which also has a (very expensive) garden on the roof, but not being able to put up signs for the restrooms until three weeks after classes started. But it's not my tax dollars, since I am a New York State resident.

This user's Political Compass coordinates are 6.12,-6.15.
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