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If you are reading this, then congratulations! You have joined an elite group of editors, here to protect Conservapedia, and act as "stewards" of the project. Below are some tips that will make your job as a Sysop much more effective:

Terms explained
  • Administrators, also known as sysops, are editors with the ability and authority to enforce Conservapedia's rules and resolve disputes.
  • Bureaucrats are Administrators with the additional ability to change user rights.


See also: Conservapedia:Blocking policy
  1. If you have determined a user should be blocked, there are multiple more factors to consider:
    1. Should the user be blocked for a reason not based on the quality of his edits or legitimacy? (For example, a vulgar username.) Then make sure the checkbox titled: "Automatically block the last IP address used by this user..." is unchecked (it is checked by default) so that the user can create a new account.
    2. If the user should be blocked based on his actions on the wiki, carefully consider how long the user should be blocked. If the user is a blatant vandal, generally 5 year, or "infinite", blocks are handed out. If the user is merely edit warring or some similar offense, perhaps a shorter block (2 days, a few weeks, months?) might be more appropriate. Keep in mind that users can change - infinite blocks are therefore discouraged.
  2. If you have run checkuser (which you should generally only do with probable cause) and determined the user has created sock-puppet accounts, the user should be blocked. Be wary that multiple distinct users might just be editing from a public location - for example a school, a coffee house or a library.


  1. To move a page, click the "move" tab on the upper pane. It should be directly to the right of the "delete" tab. Once you have clicked this button, you will see a page which enables you to move the content of one page to a page with a different title. Simply type the new title of the page in to the box entitled "To new title:", and give a short reason in the "Reason:" box. By default, the "move associated talk page" checkbox should be marked; this should always be marked. It's up to you whether or not you want to "watch" the page (this places it on your watchlist).
  2. If a page already exists with the new name, you will be warned and asked if you want to delete that page. It is recommended that you answer "no" to this, and delete the page manually. The reason for this is that if you allow the software to delete the page, it will not delete the accompanying talk page, which means that the talk page of the article you are moving will not itself be moved. If you already know that there is no accompanying talk page, then answering "yes" will work.


Please check the upload log frequently to protect any new images. This will in turn prevent any image vandalism.

(Images are usually not on anyone's watchlist except that of the person who uploaded them, and cannot be reverted if someone replaces the image. This makes protecting images more important than protecting articles or templates, both of which are more easily reverted and/or more likely noticed.)

Keeping Informed of New Developments

A area of Conservapedia has been created for discussion of concerns within the Conservapedia community so Sysops can be informed of various developments. The area is located here: Conservapedia:Community Portal.

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