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Given the confusion this time - this will be my proposed scoring for the next contest. Changes:

  • Entertainment articles get about 3/4 the value of non-entertainment - we shouldn't have quality edits ever getting the same amount of points as minor edits
  • Copied entries get 2 points each - they're easy to do, so they shouldn't get more than 2
  • Templates get 3 points
  • Breaking news: non administrator gets 2 points too - otherwise it's too biased
  • New Quality Entries: more points awarded - you could do 10 minor edits (giving you 20 points) in the time you could do one quality new entry - and while even now you don't get 20 points for a quality - you get closer.

Point System

New entry

Quality new entry: 20 points

  • Definition:A Quality New Entry includes at least two full-length paragraphs, three relevant citations, several links to other entries, some in-depth content and designations of category.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Quality New Entries will receive only 11 points.

Ordinary New Entry: 6 points

  • Definition: An Ordinary New Entry is a new entry which does not meet the qualifications for a Quality New Entry, but is of higher quality than a Short New Entry.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Ordinary New Entries will receive only 4 points.

Short New Entry: 4 points

  • Definition: A Short New Entry contains only a few sentences and may or may not have a reference.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related Short New Entries will receive only 3 points.

Copied New Entry: 2 points

  • Definition: A entry copied from a .gov site - you MUST link to other articles and the article can not be of trivial nature (i.e. non-encyclopedic, non-educational or non-historical)

Existing entry

Quality edit of an existing entry: 6 points

  • Definition: A Quality Edit to an existing article includes at least two extra sentences, an additional reference, and the inclusion of an important or relevant fact.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Quality Edits will receive only 3 points.

Minor Edit of an existing entry: 3 points

  • Definition: A Minor Edit is an edit which does not meet the qualifications for a Quality Edit. These edits might include small formatting changes, spelling and grammatical changes and/or the addition of a category.


Adding an image: 2pts

  • Definition: If you add an image to Conservapedia

Adding an image to an article: 2pts

  • Note - this can be combined with the previous - meaning if you add an image to Consrvapedia - and then add it to an article, you get 3 points.


New Template: 3 points

  • Definition: The template must have at least 6 links.


Redirecting a Page: 2 point

  • Definition: Redirecting any page - whether the page was something different or not.

Breaking News

Breaking News Item: 8 points

  • Definition: A Breaking news item is placed on the Main page with wiki links to Conservapedia articles and a link to the external reference article.
  • Exception: A non-administrator who submits an article to an administrator and the article is placed on the Main page will receive 5 point and the administrator will receive 3 points for adding the article and links. It is at the administrator's discretion whether to place the article on the Main page. Admins can not double they're score.

Bonus Points

  • An additional bonus of 3 points is awarded for adding a new entry on the "most-wanted" list, Special:Wantedpages
  • An additional bonus of 1 point is awarded for adding a link to an entry on the Special:Deadendpages, and thereby removing that entry from that list
  • An edit to an existing entry may qualify as a New Entry if the edit is substantial enough.
  • Adding a unique working link within a lecture: 2 points
  • Adding an additional (non-unique) working links for the same term within the same American Government Lecture: 1 point
  • Adding a relevant photo to Breaking News will receive a 2 points bonus.
  • Adding two new terms to American Government Terms: 1 point
  • Blocking a vandal/sock/troll or reverting their vandalism: 2 points. Cannot be doubled in case of those with blocking abilities.


An entry is "entertainment-related" if it relates to a subject not taught as core curriculum in a typical high school or college. This includes articles on sports, popular music, movies, and other entertaining but not necessarily educational subjects.

  • Exception: Full credit will be given for notable or important historical subjects, and for political entries.
  • Exception: Full credit will be given for reasonable subjects which are educational but not necessarily taught in a typical school.